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Vice Presidents

A. Boddington,  P. Carter,  P. Cross,  Robert Driver,
Roy Driver, D. Ekins,  L. Foulds,  A. Grace,  A. Green,  M. Griggs,  B. Hanson,  J. Hutcherson,
A. Shelton,  J. Stanford,  L. Tidy,  Mrs. L. Underwood,  G. Woolhouse

N. Wright,  S. Laughton,  D. West,  G. Frost,  J. Mitchell, G. Richards,

 A. Wallinger,  V. Bibby,  A. Shelswell,  S. Wheeler


     Hon President      Nick Shelton
     Chairman      Andrew Silsby
     Secretary      John Pike
     Treasurer      Jen Freeman
     Head Groundsman      Paul Carter
    Bar      Bar Committee
     Press & Publicity      David Ward     Mark Ralph
     Welfare Officer      Neal Perry
     WSA Representative      Paul Jones
     WPFA Representative      Andrew Silsby
     Senior Coaches      Neal Perry   Nick Broome
     Community Coach      Chris Perry
     Mini Kids Organiser      John Pike   Andrew Silsby   Nadine
     Under Nine      TBA
     Under Eleven      TBA
     Under Thirteen     Adrian Ward    Nathan Dawson
     Under Fifteen     James Day   Matt Grant
     First Eleven Captain      Harry Broome
     Second Eleven Captain      Nathan Dawson
     Third Eleven Captain      Darren Laughton
     Selection Committee      1st, 2nd & 3rd Xl captains + Alan Shelswell + Neal Perry
     Tote Organiser      Nick Shelton
     Fund Raising Chairman      Steve Musgrave
     First Eleven Umpire         Umpires' Panel
     Second Eleven Umpire     Alan Shelswell
     Third Eleven Umpire      Dave Ekins
     First Eleven Scorer      Graham Richards
     Second Eleven Scorer      Mrs Cotter
     General Committee

Nick Shelton, Andrew Silsby, Jennifer Freeman, Neal Perry, Chris Perry,             David Ward, Paul Jones, John Pike, Alan Shelswell, Harry Broome, Nick Broome,   Graham Richards, Nathan Richards




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